Sharifa joins the 100 on All Together Now.

BBC's hit show "All Together Now" made it's way to Dutch national television. From May 3rd on you can see Sharifa joining the infamous "100" panel on the feel-good show. "All Together Now" is an originally British reality television music competition.

In each episode, a range of singers take to the stage, but waiting to judge each performance is ‘The 100’ - a unique panel of one hundred music experts and performers from across the Netherlands headed up by captain Jamai Loman. The winner of each episode goes home with a whopping check of 10.000 euro's.

Last weeks opening episode gathered a smashing 1,1 million viewers, entering the list as the 3rd most watched show on the already competative friday evening.

All Together Now: Every Friday

20.30 RTL 4

All Together Now: Presenter Chantal Janzen, Team Captain Jamai Loman and The 100

Official website Sharifa Smith

KvK nr: 70104107

BTW nr: NL001236597B92

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